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Outreach Ministries

In an effort to effectively serve the church membership, the community, and to create a seamless outreach base, the auxilaries of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church were reorganized and added to the organizational matrix of Ram in the Bush, Inc. It was decided by the leaders of the church's auxilaries and by the board of directors of Ram in the Bush, Inc. to rename the church auxilaries Outreach Ministries.


Ram in the Bush, Inc. will assist and serve as a resource to fund the measurable outreach activities of the church. To make a donation to our Outreach Ministry, (please click here).

Outreach Ministries are comprised of the following organizations: WMU, YWA, Circles 1-5, Youth Ministry, Food Ministry, Family Life Center Ministry, Pulpit Aid, Flower Club, Birthday Club, and the Education and Scholarship Committee.

Mission Statement

To develop outreach programs that address the needs of the Mt. Moriah Baptist Church family (members) and the Anderson community.


Priorities - Our works will:

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